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Tuatara Roadshow

What is a tuatara road show? A tuatara road show is when a tuatara gets to come to your school from Natureland.

How do you get the Roadshow to your school? You send an e-mail to

What information can you learn at the Roadshow? You can learn all about tuatara like what they eat and where they live. You can learn the differences between a lizard and a tuatara.

How many children can you have at the Roadshow? You can have up to fifty children per session.

Can you take photos of the tuatara? Photos can be taken but please don’t use a flash as it is too bright for their eyes.

Who runs the road show? Tuatara trust people.

Things to remember: Tuatara are quiet creatures, so children need to take off their shoes and use inside voices for the Roadshow.

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