Food for Tuatara
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Room 14 Victory School

We are Ruma Tekau Ma wha in the bilingual unit of Victory Primary School in Nelson. Our teachers are Whaea Louisa and Matua Rangi. We have 26 Year 4, 5 and 6 children in our class and they are usually always well behaved.

In our class we breed locusts that started life at Natureland zoo.

Last year Whaea Louisa was away from school learning about Tuatara so she could teach children about tuatara. She went to Takapourewa (Stephen's Island) to study the tuatara. There are heaps of tuatara on Takapourewa, between 30,000 and 50,000 . Tuatara only live in New Zealand. They were alive when the dinosaurs were around.

Everyone helped get information for our website and wrote the stories. We worked with Matua Craig to make the web pages and he helped us with the technical stuff. We enjoyed making the animations and taking photos.

Location Map

Click on the pins to see Takapourewa (Stephens Island), Victory Primary School and Natureland Zoo. Zoom in for a closer look and check out the satellite view.

Room 14, Victory Primary School, Nelson - 2010