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Amelia: "The kakapo were really sweet. I'd like to have one at home."

Perry had to wash his clothes in special disinfectant so he didn't take any bird diseases with him.

Our Visit to the Kakapo Chicks

In April a few DOC people were taking care of four Kakapo chicks in Nelson.

We read about it in the Nelson Mail. We thought it would be a great idea if we got in contact with Daryl Eason, a kakapo expert. We asked him if we could pretty please visit the kakapo which were staying in a "secret location" somewhere in Nelson. He said...


We were very excited. He told us that if we had any pet birds like a budgie than we would need to wash our clothes and shoes in disinfectant. This was because our birds might have diseases that could harm the kakapo. Perry has cockatiels, a budgie and ducks so we sent a email to Daryl asking him to send the disinfectant.

Our principal, Mr Martin drove us to the secret location. Before we even got a foot in the door we had to put on special white gumboots in case our shoes had picked up some disease on the way.

We got there just in time to see the kakapo being fed. To feed the kakapo they put a syringe thing with a long skinny tube on the end down their throat. It looked really weird. After they fed the kakapo Daryl and another DOC officer massaged the kakapo's beaks to make sure the food didn't get stuck. The chicks had a bowl in the middle of their enclosure full of nuts and little black things that looked like liquorice.

The kakapo's enclosure had lots of branches and twigs so the birds felt like they were in the wild. The encosure didn't have a top on it so we were able to touch them. We had to wipe our hands with things like baby-wipes that had disinfectant on them.

We stayed for about an hour. It was really fun. Amelia wanted to stay longer but had to go to her Spanish class.

Monica: "When we were touching them I was too scared to let them nibble my fingers."
"I thought I would have to wash my whole body in disinfectant, but it was just my clothes and my shoes."
Quick Quiz #2 What does a kakapo smell like?

A. Lettuce
B. Honey and flowers
C. Butter Chicken

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