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Perry: "I loved doing the animation. Also doing the photos was fun."

Hello! My name is Amelia. I am ten years old, and in Year 6. My teacher is called Lynda Duncan - Perry is her son. My mum's name is Jenny and my dad's name is Carmy. I am from Nelson, but dad is from Israel and mum is from Auckland. I know that my photo looks kinda weird, but Moni (Monica) took it while I was laughing. I snort when I laugh so that is why. One more detail, I am learning Spanish.
Hola, I'm Monica. I can speak Spanish, because my mum (Lindie) grew up in Chile. I am almost ten. My birthday is at the beginning of December. My mum is called Lindie, my dad is called Jim and I have a brother called Misha. I do Gymnastics, piano, swimming and yoga. My family travels a lot, because my relations live overseas.
Hi, my name is Perry. I am ten. My mother is also my teacher. I enjoy swimming, taking risks, going on the computer, drama and playing with my friends. I also enjoy reading books. On our movie I sound like a geek, although I am not one. (Well, I don't think so anyway!) My favourite food is mince and cheese pies. I dislike people always getting their own way, wearing shoes, eating peas, and doing the dishes.

We are the creators of this site. We hope you like it. We all go to Auckland Point School. Our principal, Mr. Martin, helped us make this site. My (Amelia) favourite part of doing the site was the quick quizzes at the bottom of the pages. I also liked to do the filming, but all of us agree that visit to see the Kakapos was the best part ever. THANK YOU DARYL!!!!!!!

Working on our kakapo project was spectacular. We all really enjoyed it. We had to research any info we could get our hands on.

Quick Quiz #7 What is a kakapo's favourite food?

A. Flowers from the kowhai tree
B. Chocolate
C. Fruits from native trees

Auckland Point School 2005