Making Pots
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Starting a pinch pot
Jye making a platter
Mackley making a coil pot
How to make a pinch pot
  • First get a piece of clay
  • Then wedge it to get all the air bubbles out
  • Slap it with your hands to get a ball
  • Stick your thumb in the centre of the ball
  • Slowly pinch your thumb against your fingers
  • Use one hand to slowly turn it
  • Keep pinching it together
  • Make sure it isn't too skinny around the edges
  • Stop when it looks done
  • You can decorate the outside of your bowl

By Eugene

How to make a platter

  • First roll the clay into a ball.
  • Then roll the clay flat with a rolling pin.
  • Then put it on a soccer ball to make it into a bowl shape.
  • After that take it off to let it go down into a bowl.

By Te Rawhiti

How to make a coil pot

  • Of course you need some clay.
  • Roll the clay and make a long clay snake.
  • Make the bottom like a coil then wind it up around and around until it gets to a good height.
  • Then smooth the top, bottom, inside and outside so you can't see the coils
  • Then make marks in it with a pencil or stick

By Mackley

How to make a pot on the wheel

  • First you make a ball of clay then you slam it on the potter's wheel and jiggle it to make it stick
  • Make the wheel go fast
  • Put some water on the clay to make it slippery
  • Put your hands around the clay
  • Squeeze it up and down to centre the clay so it doesn't wobble
  • Put your thumbs in the centre and put some water in the hole
  • Push your thumbs down nearly to the bottom - you don't want to go right through
  • Pull your thumbs towards the outside to make it wider. Keep your fingers on the outside
  • Try to make a pot shape
  • If you pull it too wide it goes wonky
  • When you have finished grab a piece of nylon and cut the pot off the wheel

By Eugene and Kayla

We made pinch pots
Kayla working on the wheel
Eugene making a face tile
Quiz #2 Where does clay come from?

A. A shop B. The ground C. The sea

Auckland Point School - 2007