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Everyone made pots
Putting more sawdust on top
The kiln is ready to light
How to build a sawdust kiln

After you have made your pots you are now ready to build and fire your sawdust kiln.

You will need:

  • Half of a 44 gallon drum
  • Sacks of sawdust - try different kinds but not treated wood
  • Plenty of newspaper
  • Kindling about 5 to 15 pieces
  • Firewood
  • About 10 fire bricks
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Yellow ochre or iron oxide

Step 1: Lay out the fire bricks in a area where nothing can catch on fire

Step 2: Put your half drum on the fire bricks and put some sawdust in the bottom (big handfuls)

Step 3: Put the first lot of pots in but only about 5 to 6 pots

Step 4: After the pots put some more sawdust to cover them up

Step 5: Place more of your pots in and then you can put some iron oxide or yellow ochre in on top of them

Step 6: Now put some more sawdust on until its nearly to the top.

Step 7: Put the rest of the pots in and put a little bit of the iron oxide or yellow ochre in to make your pots really cool

Step 8: Put more sawdust in till you reach the top of your kiln

Step 9: Now put newspaper around the outer edge of the kiln and place the pine cones in the middle

Step 10: Build a tepee with kindling above the pine cones

Finally: You are ready to light your kiln

Firing pots in a sawdust kiln
Taking the pots out of the kiln
The pots look pretty crusty!
Quiz #3 A pyrometer measures?

A. Temperature B. Weight C. Moisture

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