Ceramics Glossary
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Yellow ochre
Potting words we learnt

Bisque: Low fired pots ready for glazing, pale orange or pink coloured

Ceramics: Stuff made from clay

Coil pot: Pot made from long clay snakes.

Cone: A skinny pyramid made of special clay that bends at a specific temperature. Different cones bend at different temperatures Cone 06 = 998 C

Firing: The process of heating clay to turn it into pottery

Glaze: A liquid painted onto clay to make it shiny and colourful.

Grog: Ground up bisque-fired pottery that is mixed into clay to make it stronger

Iron Oxide: Another name for rust, Used for decoration

Kiln: An oven used to fire pottery

Peep hole: A small hole to look at cones inside the kiln during the firing

Potter's Paste: Spit - used to join two bits of clay. (Don't tell anyone!)

Pyrometer: A thermometer used to measure high temperatures

Slab: A flat piece of clay

Slurry: Clay mixed with water to make paste

Terracotta: A type of clay known for its red colouring

Throw: To shape clay on a potter's wheel

Wedging: To knead the clay to remove any air and make it smooth

Yellow ochre: A colouring agent

Peep hole
Pinch pot
Quiz #6 Don't fire damp pots because...

A. They melt B. They crack C. They blow up

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